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Installed 6 days ago
VPN PRO - Virtual private network connection for browsing the Internet securely.
Removed 6 days ago
System Checkup
System Checkup - Scan your system in search of errors with this free program.
Updated 6 days ago
Advanced Uninstaller PRO
Advanced Uninstaller PRO - A utility for uninstalling apps from your PC and boosting up its performance.
CCleaner - Clean your PC and remove browser search history and cookies
Removed Last month
Updated Last month
Smart Defrag
Smart Defrag - Improves the file access speed of your hard disks by defragmenting file-pieces.
Advanced SystemCare
Advanced SystemCare - Clean up junk files, leftovers, redundant registry entries, etc.
iTunes - Organize music/video in your PC and iOS mobile devices.
Removed Last month
Vole Windows Expedition
Vole Windows Expedition - Vole Windows Expedition is a Page-Reproduce file manager.
Password Shield
Password Shield - Password Shield let you give people access to secure sites without the password.
Installed Last month
WinX MediaTrans
WinX MediaTrans - Transfer data between your iOS device and your Windows PC.
PhotoScissors - It offers fast ways of removing backgrounds from still images.
Removed Last month
Google Drive
Google Drive - Store your files securely and use them from any device.
Updated Last month
TeamViewer - An online support, collaboration and communication tool.
ESET Smart Security
ESET Smart Security - A security solution for keeping your family, data, identity and devices safe.
DriverEasy - Finds drivers for the hardware devices in your computer.