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Installed 3 years ago
TypingMaster Pro
TypingMaster Pro - This application allows users to improve their typing skills.
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer - Browse the Web in a secure environment with HTML5 support.
Removed 3 years ago
Installed 3 years ago
The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead - The Walking Dead is an episodic adventure game based on the popular comics.
Removed 3 years ago
Angry Birds - Rio
Angry Birds - Rio - Angry Birds Rio is a game of logic which will definitely provide you with fun.
Installed 3 years ago
WinRAR - Complete support for RAR and ZIP, compress 8 to 30 percent better than ZIP!
Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player - A powerful and convenient media manager from Microsoft
Winamp Pro
Winamp Pro - It allows you to listen, watch and manage music and video content.
Removed 3 years ago
Update for Windows XP
Update for Windows XP - It introduces Extended Protection for Authentication for Windows XP OS.