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Adobe Flash Player NPAPI
Adobe Flash Player NPAPI - Flash Player for NPAPI is Flash Player for Firefox
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Facebook Icon
Facebook Icon - Facebook Icon will place an Internet Shortcut on Your Desktop.
Mozilla Maintenance Service
Mozilla Maintenance Service - The service allows Firefox to install updates without UAC confirmation.
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Worms World Party
Worms World Party - Worms World Party is a very funny multi-player game.
Skype - Chat and make audio/video calls with your friends.
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Firefox - Browse the Web without distractions while protecting your sensitive data.
Adobe Flash Player PPAPI
Adobe Flash Player PPAPI - NPAPI and PPAPI are types of browser plug-ins supported by Flash Player for various browsers.
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Software Informer
Software Informer - Download popular programs, drivers and latest updates easily.
McAfee Security Scan Plus
McAfee Security Scan Plus - McAfee Security Scan Plus - free diagnostic tools for your PC.