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Removed 2 years ago
GMX MailCheck
GMX MailCheck - Email notifications and access on Chrome web browser.
Installed 2 years ago
Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player - A powerful and convenient media manager from Microsoft
Sophos Virus Removal Tool
Sophos Virus Removal Tool - It allows you to remove viruses, spyware, rootkits and fake antivirus.
Removed 2 years ago
NetDrive - Access remote storage locations just as if they were mounted as a local drive.
Updated 2 years ago
Adobe Flash Player NPAPI
Adobe Flash Player NPAPI - Flash Player for NPAPI is Flash Player for Firefox
GoToMeeting - Meet now or schedule in advance a new or recurring meeting.
Removed 3 years ago
Installed 3 years ago
Logitech Options
Logitech Options - Change function key shortcuts and customize mouse buttons.
Removed 3 years ago
Microsoft Office PowerPoint
Microsoft Office PowerPoint - Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 allows you to create and share dynamic presentations